Our Store

We're proud to say that 100% of our profits go back into our rescue to save more lives. Look below to see our great selection of Oxbow pellets, hay, treats, and toys, as well as Sherwood Pet Health pellets and Texas Rustlers merchandise. And if your little guy needs a nail trim, we offer that service for just $5.


We sell timothy hay, orchard grass, meadow hay, and oat hay in a variety of sizes, from 15-ounce bags to 50-pound boxes.


We carry Oxbow and Sherwood Pet Health adult guinea pig and rabbit foods, in sizes ranging from 4.5-pound bags to 25-pound bags.


We have a selection of bedding including paper bedding and aspen wood shavings in a variety of sizes from 10 liters to 8 cubic feet, as well as pelleted wood rabbit litter in 40-pound bags.


We have a HUGE selection of Oxbow's safe and fun toys for guinea pigs and rabbits - over 60 different products!


We carry the full line of Oxbow treats, as well as most of Selective Naturals' treats and a few guinea pig and rabbit safe forage mixes from Higgins. We also have Oxbow's Vitamin C supplements.


To stock your first aid kit, we also have Oxbow Critical Care, Sherwood Pet Health Emergency Kits and Recovery Food.


We also stock water bottles, food and water dishes, nail trimmers, combs, brushes, litter boxes, and various hidey-huts.



We have everything you need to make a C & C cage for your guinea pigs - the wire grids as well as the coroplast. We'll even pre-cut the coroplast for you at no additional charge!


And of course we sell Texas Rustlers merchandise: t-shirts, tote bags, and the popular calendar featuring exclusively Texas Rustlers rescue animals.