Rabbit Housing

How Much Space?

  • A single rabbit needs at least 8 square feet.
  • A pair of rabbits needs around 10 square feet.

What Enclosure Style?

  • Exercise pens (ex-pens) are excellent choices.
  • Condos can be built with wire storage grids if you also use solid flooring.
  • Extra-large dog kennels will also work.

Can I Use Wire Flooring?

  • Rabbits' feet are not made to stand or rest on wire flooring.
  • Wire flooring can be painful and cause sores.
  • If your cage has wire flooring, you should cover it with solid materials.

Cage Location

  • Indoors
  • Central area where they'll be around the family
  • Kept at a room temperature below 78°
  • Away from direct sunlight

What Litter is Best?

  • Pelleted pine cat or horse litter
  • Pelleted paper bedding (Yesterday's News or similar)
  • Pelleted straw litter (Oxbow's Eco Straw or similar)

How Do I Bunny-Proof My House?

  • Remove or protect electric cords, charging cords, and power outlets from the rabbits' access.
  • Household plants should be kept out of reach.
  • Bored rabbits are destructive; give them things to do so they don't create their own fun.

What Other Housing Supplies Are Needed?

  • Heavy, straight-sided water bowl
  • Heavy, straight-sided food bowl
  • Litter box

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