What Do Rabbits Eat?



Rabbits should have unlimited access to hay at all times.

Fresh Veggies

Rabbits should be fed approximately one cup of fresh veggies per 4 pounds of body weight day.


Rabbits should be fed a measured portion of pellets every day.

What Kind of Hay?

Adult rabbits should be fed timothy hay, orchard grass, meadow hay, or bluegrass hay. Young bunnies (less than 6 months old) should be offered alfalfa hay in addition to the above hays listed.

What Veggies?

Feed veggies that are low in oxalates and high in fiber, and try to include a source of Vitamin A daily. Rabbits love leafy greens such as cilantro and romaine lettuce. Good sources of Vitamin A include carrots, parsley, and dandelions. Feed fruit sparingly.

What Kind of Pellets?

Select a pellet that contains at least 18% fiber and that does not contain seeds or nuts. Reliable brands include Oxbow, Sherwood Pet Health, and Small Pet Select.