Guinea Pig Caging

How Much Space?

  • A pair of guinea pigs needs at least 8 square feet.
  • A trio of guinea pigs needs 10 1/2 square feet.

What Cage Style?

  • Single-level is best for beginners.
  • Lofts and ramps are fine if they are protected with sides and walls to prevent falls.

What Cages Are Good?

  • Cube & Coroplast (C & C) cages
  • MidWest Homes Guinea Habitat
  • MidWest Homes Wabbitat Deluxe Extra-Long Rabbit Home

What Bedding is Best?

  • Aspen wood shavings (NOT pine or cedar)
  • Paper bedding (Carefresh or similar)
  • Fleece with absorbent material beneath it

Cage Location

  • Indoors
  • Central area where they'll be around the family
  • Kept at a room temperature below 78°
  • Away from direct sunlight

What Other Cage Supplies Are Needed?

  • Water bottle
  • Heavy, straight-sided food bowl
  • Hidey-huts

Texas Rustlers
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