Adoption Policies

Adoption Fees

One guinea pig: $35
Two guinea pigs: $60
Three guinea pigs: $75
One rabbit: $80
Two rabbits: $120
Hamster / gerbil: $15

Applicants and adopters must be at least 18 years of age.

Adoptions are by appointment only. We are unable to accommodate walk-in adoptions.

Adoptions are made on a first-come, first-served basis. We will not "hold" an animal for a potential adopter.

Single guinea pigs will be adopted only as a friend for your existing guinea pig. They will not be placed into a home to live their lives alone.

Animals will not be adopted as gifts for people outside your household. If you would like to give them as a gift within your household, the recipient must be involved in the adoption process (selection of the animals, education on proper care, etc.)

Guinea pigs are not adopted into a home where guinea pigs of the opposite sex already reside: For example, if you already have a pair of females, we will only adopt more females to you.

All rabbits will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Adopted animals will not be used for breeding, showing, or experimentation.

All adoptions are done in person at our rescue in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We will not ship animals.

Animals will not be adopted as a classroom or daycare pet, nor will they be placed in a setting with a large group of children.

If you ever need to give up your adopted animals, they must be returned to Texas Rustlers.