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Thinking About Getting a Guinea Pig?

PLEASE REMEMBER: All adopters need an approved application on file and must schedule an appointment

The reason: we need to be sure the guinea pigs you want to meet are at our new rescue location when you come, not out at their foster homes, and that we have enough adoption volunteers available to serve you.  Thank you!

If you need to reach us quickly or receive a faster response,
please e-mail rather than call.

E-mail your questions for fastest response!
Or leave voice message at 972-219-1963; phone line is not staffed live.

Thinking About Getting a Guinea Pig?
Please see reasons people give up a guinea pig to appreciate how our policies have been devised.

You’ve made a vital first step - education!  Before getting any pet you should do your homework. Do you have the time, space, finances, and love to give to a new animal? What do you know about guinea pigs? There are so many well-established, information-filled sites out there with advice on guinea pig care, equipment, and food, and we can’t encourage you enough to browse through them and learn. Also check out our Links page and Care page to see what's involved in owning a healthy guinea pig as a pet.  If you wish to proceed, please complete the following adoption application with as much detail as possible – incomplete applications will cause a delay in the process. Applications must be completed by persons over the age of 18.  The application is used as a tool to understand you as a potential adopter. Our goal is to give these animals loving, forever homes, which we do by matching the right family with the right guinea pig(s).

All adoptions are done in person at the Rescue in the Dallas / Fort Worth TX area.  Please, only local applicants or those willing to travel to the rescue should apply.


Click the button above to Apply Now Online (preferred method - thank you!)

** Please note: "Apply Now" online application may not work with Firefox.  Please choose another web browser such as Windows Explorer or Netscape.

Or, fill out this Guinea Pig Adoption Application or Hamster/Gerbil Adoption Application, then save it, attach to an email, and send WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS to 

If you cannot open the online application, please e-mail us and we will send you a Word version.  If you have submitted an application but have not heard back from us within 48 hours, please follow-up with us by e-mail or phone, or check in your spam/junk folder.

Adoption Process – What to Expect

Note: All of our guinea pigs are 100% gender guaranteed and are healthy before they leave the rescue.

The following is a guideline of what to expect during the adoption process:

  1.  An adoption application is completed by you either online (preferred) or over the phone in the absence of a computer.
  2.  We respond to your application within 24 hours to ask any additional questions we may have and to schedule a visit.
  3.  A visit is made to meet the piggies, see the cages and to gain any education / advice needed. You may at this point select your adoptees.
  4. You get prepared for your newcomers, assemble the cage, buy supplies, etc.
  5. Visit to sign contract and pick-up piggies.

The adoption process can be limited to one visit, depending on circumstances, but normally requires at least two visits. You must have your cage ready before the piggies go home.  To assist you with this process, we recommend you view the cube/coroplast cages on our site, or you study them at the Rescue on your first visit.  Store-bought "guinea pig cages" are never large enough.  To assist you, you can either purchase cage supplies to assemble an approved cage on your own, or purchase the supplies from Texas Rustlers.  We have all supplies needed to start your guinea pigs in their new home, and this includes all materials required to assemble a cube and coroplast cage, quality hay and food treats, toys, houses and more. 

Adoption Policies

  • Email us for most current adoption fees and policies.

  • We request a $35 adoption fee for each guinea pig, or $30 each if adopting a pair or more, which goes towards some of our operating costs.

  • We do not adopt piggies as gifts.

  • We do not adopt piggies as a classroom or day care pet, nor as a pet for any setting with a group of children.

  • We only adopt guinea pigs in pairs (or trios), or as a friend to your existing piggy.  Guinea pigs should not live alone, as they need the companionship of another of their kind.

  • We do not allow our guinea pigs to be used for the purposes of breeding, showing or experimentation.

Giovanni and Vidal

Is Adoption for You? 

Adoption of an animal through an organization such as ours is not for everyone. The adoption process takes time and effort and requires a demonstration of commitment by the potential adopter. 

Adoption is RIGHT for you if: 

  1. You want to offer a home for life (a guinea pig's life span is appx. 5-7 years) to a piggy that has already been discarded once, sometimes more, and may have been neglected and / or abused.
  2. You want to make a positive difference to the lives of guinea pigs by not supporting the industry that breeds animals for profit to be supplied to the pet stores (see
  1. You want to make a positive difference to the lives of guinea pigs by not supporting the pet stores that are in it purely for their profits and not for the well-being of the guinea pigs or other animals they sell. (see
  1. You want to adopt a guinea pig that is best suited to your home and family. Guinea pigs have different personalities, so we at Texas Rustlers do our best to find an ideal match for you and your family.
  1. You are committed to offering the best possible care, including, but not limited to:
  • Appropriate habitats that offer enough space to maximize your piggies' enjoyment.

  • A good quality diet, which includes hay, pellets, fresh vegetables and supplemental vitamin C.

  • Veterinary care by a vet who is qualified and experienced in guinea pig care.

Adoption is NOT for you if: 

  1. You want a guinea pig right now. Although the adoption process can be quite quick, it may also take several days depending on when you contact us. Most adoptions are done on the weekend.
  1. You want a single piggy to live by itself. All of our guinea pigs are adopted in pairs (or trios) or as a friend for an existing piggy. Guinea pigs are social creatures and enjoy the company of each other. They are THIGMOTACTIC, which means they like to cuddle up to others of their kind.
  1. You want to keep a piggy in a smaller cage than recommended. Exercise is essential for a happy, healthy pig! We have seen first-hand the change in the disposition of a piggy moved from a small cage to a large environment. The change is dramatic and a joy for the owner! They will start squeaking with glee, running laps and "popcorning" (jumping in the air with delight)!
  1. You want to adopt a guinea pig for a young child and expect to have no or little involvement. Guinea pigs are fragile animals and thus, young children must be supervised when holding the piggies to make sure they do not squeeze them too tightly or drop them on the ground. In addition, young children cannot be expected to take full responsibility of their pets.  A mature adult must help in their care to ensure adequate food and fresh water is supplied daily, a clean cage is maintained, and any illness is detected early.
  1. You consider guinea pigs to be "starter" pets. To care for a guinea pig correctly often requires more work and knowledge than a cat or dog - they are by no means low-maintenance animals, and should not be viewed as such.

Guinea Pigs are adopted as family members and should NOT be considered less important than a cat or dog. The lifespan of a guinea pig is 5-7 years. Make sure you are committed to owning this pet for its lifetime.

 To see what we mean click here.



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